<h5>Facilidad de pago total: en metálico, <strong>tarjeta de crédito</strong>... e incluso <strong>PayPal</strong></h5><h5>Transfers: servicio de traslado a aeropuertos</h5><h5>Traslado de personas en taxi VIP, con capacidad de hasta 8 plazas</h5><h5>Al servicio de nuestros clientes... en cualquier parte</h5><h5>Con el prestigio, seguridad y confort que ofrece la casa <strong>Mercedes</strong></h5><h5>Las <strong>mejores prestaciones y servicios</strong> añadidos... por mismo precio que un taxi convencional</h5><h5>Al servicio de nuestros clientes... las <strong>24 horas al día, 365 días al año</strong></h5>

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24 hours, 365 days

Taxi Mercedes Burgos is the best option for business travel or for any special event (weddings, celebrations).

In order to give the best service to our customers we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Standard taxi fares

We apply the official regional (Castilla y León) taxi fares, giving an exclusive service with an added values and the professionality, at the same price of a standard taxi. With WiFi service.

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Total ease of payment

You can pay in cash, with any credit card, and even with PayPal.

You can also ask for an end-of-month invoice!
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Special services

Industrial Taxi Burgos offers courier services for small packages in a efficient and direct (no intermediaries) way.

Furthermore, we offer transfer services for pilgrims (walking Camino de Santiago,…); services from / to stations, airports, hostels, hotels, medical centres, etc.